Guide your ICO with a package contract

We are here to help you launch an initial offer of coins (ICO). We group teams to collaborate with all legal, fiscal, compliance, banking, marketing and token matters, to guarantee the greatest protection, limitation of liability, optimization of taxes and costs, a viable token economy and a post-operation without problems and without complications. The commercial contract of ICO includes opening bank accounts and converting your cryptocurrency to fiat.

We have experience with blockchain and cryptocurrencies and we understand the legal and commercial functioning that an ICO supports. We have worked with dozens of ICO; In fact, a successful ICO was made that reached a cap of US $ 22M in just a few minutes.

This experience has given us a unique approach with regard to ICO, since unlike other service providers, we know first hand what works and the problems and setbacks that arise when structuring and carrying out the sale of chips .
We design and implement your corporate structure for your ICO, selecting the types of legal entities and the places to configure it based on the unique complexities and the number of options available for your specific situation.
It also puts at your disposal the experience of our officers who lead the commercialization of a successful ICO. The marketing budget of an ICO can become a black hole, a machine that eats money. There are many expensive services that are bright but of dubious efficiency.

The client will be advised on what works and what does not, and where he should concentrate his marketing efforts and resources to make the right decisions at the right time.

You can take advantage of our extensive network of contacts that will enable your ICO and our experience to solve crises quickly and efficiently. Things at certain times are going to go wrong, they always do, and the secret of success is knowing how to react appropriately and making quick and informed decisions when this crisis arises.

We provide you with the tools and experience to structure your ICO, so you have a complete turnkey solution instead of a bunch of pieces to test and assemble on your own.

Corporate organization

We design and implement a solid corporate structure to guarantee the greatest protection, limitation of liability, tax optimization and continuous operations without complications and without complications after the ICO.

Risk mitigation

Access our network of experienced ICO lawyers to ensure that your ICO, token economy and marketing are in line with the legal regulations.

Bank accounts

We present our network of banks compatible with ICO to deposit your profits and be able to run your company.

Conversion ETH / Token to Fiat

Convert your ICO income to fiat with our network of over-the-counter institutional size liquidity providers.

Tax minimization

Access our network of qualified tax advisors in the jurisdictions where you live and operate your business and make sure that your sales and income from your ICO are legally exempt from taxes.


We guide you to carry out your ICO to the highest standards of KYC & AML / CTF and we provide you with an Onboarding platform through our KYC partner, so you can avoid legal risks and access banking.

Profitable marketing

Take advantage of the experience of our officers who lead the marketing of ICO to know where to allocate the resources to make profitable decisions and manage crisis, and access our network of marketing partners to effectively execute your marketing strategy.

Token Economics

Security token or utility token? We allow you to design a token economy to make sure your project is viable in the long term.

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