¿Por qué necesitas un segundo de pasaporte? … y cómo crear uno

Just the other day on a YouTube channel, people talked about what it means to be a foreign investor and how it is different from being a digital investor or an expatriate. For example, the typical investor will create an investment portfolio with a wide range of asset classes, from stocks to government and corporate bonds, treasury bonds; real estate investment funds (REIF), mutual funds and investment certificates. Deposits and physical assets such as real estate to hard assets such as gold.

A foreign investor will adopt a slightly different approach, perhaps choosing to avoid some of the less profitable investments popular among investors in their home country in favor of international investment opportunities that allow them to go beyond the simple diversification of assets to obtain diversification geographic and higher yields.

I have shared my personal asset allocation strategy for foreign investment before, highlighting the important differences between a foreign investor and the regular investment strategies. One thing we have not discussed, however, is the importance of creating a passport portfolio.

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