• Programa de ciudadanía por inversión en Granada

Citizenship by Investment Programme

Grenada is a beautiful country of lush, tropical forests, stunning waterfalls and gorgeous sandy beaches. While it has much to offer residents, the Grenadian Citizenship-by-Investment Programme doesn’t require you to live in or visit the country to apply.

The Citizenship Programme requires a USD 150,000 donation or a USD 350,000 property purchase. Applications are processed in under six months and children up to the age of 30 may be included in the application without the need to be enrolled in full time education. Parents over 65 may also be covered in the application.

Grenada is a member of Caricom and the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States, as well as being a member of the Commonwealth. Citizens of Grenada don’t pay foreign income, wealth or inheritance taxes on their worldwide wealth, and also enjoy visa free travel to 141 countries including China – the only Caribbean country with such access.

Grenada is also a treaty country with the US that allows citizens to be eligible to apply for the non-immigrant E2 visa. This is on the basis they will be investing a substantial amount of capital in a U.S. business.


Requirements/Investment Options

The Grenada Citizenship-by-Investment Programme requires an applicant to make a significant financial investment into the country in return for citizenship for the applicant and his/her family.

To qualify for citizenship, the main applicant must be over 18 years of age, meet the due diligence requirements and select one of the following two options:

  • USD 150,000 non-refundable donation to Grenada’s National Transformation Fund (NTF).
  • USD 350,000 minimum purchase of an approved business or property from an approved government real estate project. This property must be retained for a minimum of three years. There is an additional flat government fee of USD 50,000 for the main applicant and up to three dependents. Any further additional dependants will be USD 25,000.

Due diligence fees are USD 5,000 for The main applicant and his/her dependants 17 and older. Government application fees are USD 3,000 for the main applicant and dependants aged 17 and above and USD 2,000 for those 16 and younger.

GrenadaSingle ApplicantFamily of Four
Government Donation150,000150,000
Due Diligence Fees5,00010,000
Application Fees3,00010,000
Bank Fees1,8502,550
Sub-TotalUSD 160,120USD 173,630
GrenadaSingle ApplicantFamily of Four
Min. Qualifying Investment350,000350,000
Government Donation50,00050,000
Due Diligence Fees5,00010,000
Application Fees3,00010,000
Bank Fees4,7004,850
Sub-TotalUSD 412,970USD 425,930

The main applicant and their dependants must have clean personal backgrounds and have excellent health. An applicant will be denied citizenship if he/she has been denied a visa to a country that has a visa-free travel arrangement with Grenada, is identified as a potential national security risk, a reputational risk or is subject to a criminal investigation.

Process Overview

The government will approve citizenship within 180 days of an application submission, assuming the application has no areas of concern.

Dual Citizenship

Grenada has no restrictions on dual citizenship. Application submitted and Government process and complete due diligence. On approval, government fees are paid and necessary contributions made. Passports are issued.


The annual individual tax rate is calculated with the first XCD 36,000 per annum tax free, the next XCD 24,000 is taxed a 10%, and any additional income is taxed at 30%. The corporate tax rate is set at 30% and VAT is 15%, Grenada imposes a property tax on all properties, which varies depending on the classification of the property.

Summary of Key Advantages

  • Visa-free travel to 141 countries, including the EU, the UK, and China
  • Access to USA through E-2 Investor Visa treaty, giving citizens ability to apply for non-immigrant visa
  • Full citizenship with passport is granted to the main applicant, spouse, children, and parents and grandparents
  • Adult children up to the age of 30 may be included and they do not need to be enrolled in school
  • Offer Citizenship by Descent to successful applicants

Application Process

Month 1

Initial due diligence. Sign client agreement, complete government forms and provide supporting documentation. If purchasing real estate, sign an agreement with the developer.

Months 2-4

Application submitted and Government process and complete due diligence.

Month 5-6

On approval, government fees are paid and necessary contributions made. Passports are issued.