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Conoce al grupo Gesmar de Zaragoza, promotora inmobiliaria

Grupo Gesmar de Juan Pablo Santos Santiago Grupo Gesmar siempre ha garantizado la calidad de sus promociones con la experiencia de un trabajo realizado con rigor y eficiencia desde 1975. En estos más de cuarenta años, Promotora Gesmar ha desarrollado más de tres mil quinientos residencias en la capital de España, Cataluña, Andalucía y Aragón. […]

Guide your ICO with a package contract

We are here to help you launch an initial offer of coins (ICO). We group teams to collaborate with all legal, fiscal, compliance, banking, marketing and token matters, to guarantee the greatest protection, limitation of liability, optimization of taxes and costs, a viable token economy and a post-operation without problems and without complications. The commercial […]

How to launch an ICO, detailed manual

Last year, it seemed that everyone was directing or participating in an ICO, with a total amount of funds raised throughout the year that approached $ 5 billion. If you are reading this, it is most likely that you are considering participating in the action. While there are projects, which most likely were created by […]

How to structure your ICO

We have received many inquiries about a cost-effective way to structure an initial offer of currency (ICO) quickly and successfully, so we have decided to write this manual that can be beneficial for many of you. An ICO is an unregulated medium through which a nascent company collects the necessary funds to initiate, develop or […]

Panama will be regional leader in cryptocurrencies

Panama is one of the most dynamic economies worldwide in financial and banking services, one of the initiatives that seek to implement a 10-year strategic plan whose objective is to become the leader of cryptocurrencies in the region, which has been a progress with the project to modernize the financial system in the Republic of […]